Damabel’s 2016 Top 16 Quotes.

As we learn to become better everyday, we look up to those we can emulate, those that had walked on the path of experience and have something to say to better our world.  It’s so hard to become what you don’t understand, what you don’t see.

Our words are stained with hidden treasures; so we speak that which is!!

DAMABEL’s 2016 Top 16 Quotes.

” An urge for vengeance could be likened to the wrath of a desert fire, it comes with disguise warning, without conscience….

1) From the article “The Revenge of the One that Calls Me Her Nosy Ex” Read Article Here >>>

” Life always gives us time and chance to decide and decide again. A fruit does not ripe today, it is a process that began yesterday; we are the decisions of yesterday.

2)  DECISION REALM: The Place That Matters  Read Article>>>

” Emotions are among those things that even after given them a befitting burial, they can just resurrect on the third day.

3)  3 Kinds of Ex and Their Acts Read Article>>>

” Those who are so concerned about weather forecast often miss life changing opportunities in life...

4)  4 REASONS It’s OK for Ladies to Marry Early Read Article>>>

”   Refusing to accept responsibilities and avoiding criticism  are natural instincts and a humane way to remain untarnished.

5)  Tragedy of Her Broken Relationship Read Article>>>

” It’s better for a man to feel unloved by a woman than to be disrespected….

6)  3 Things That Can Make Him The Man You Desire Read Article>>> 

” When you loose touch with history,  you will not know who and what to emulate: it’s hard to become what you can’t see, you are lost...

7)  Is Divorce-2-Remarry The New Polygamy? Read Article>>>

”  Humans compete naturally ,  a woman remaining chaste is an earnest desire she won’t willingly share with another.

8)  Double Dating: 4 Things to Consider

” Love does not give or promise what she does not have, Love is inspiring, Love can be funny but Love is not a joke….


”  In life, a clean hand is far more powerful and sharper than a guilty sword….

10)  Act of Manipulation: D3 Tools of Deception Read Article>>>

” Everyone may not invent the wheel, some are born to perfect and even continue in it….

11)  The Tragedy of My Unused Gift. Read Article>>>

” Your vision is your uniqueness and the fuel that will drive you through life challenges.

12)  3 Reasons it’s Ok to be Single.  Read Article>>>

” the earlier we make peace with our expectations and what we actually need the better we can live in the gift of today….

13)  How Can I Truly Love.  Read Article>>>

” I do believe no one is born great; great men/women today  got the help they wanted at the time they needed it….


” Why expose the ice to the sun when it will melt anyway...

15)  4 REASONS It’s OK for LADIES to MARRY EARLY.  Read Article>>>

” People live and die, the greatest legacy one can live ahead is the courage to truly love; and express such Love in daylight...


……….When We Speak, We Do So With Intentions ………..

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