Sincerely, if you are to be someone else can you date you?

Are you busy searching for someone that will complete you, someone divinely ordained before time to fulfil your expectations of a partner or even waiting for the exaggerated version of helpmate popularly known as soul mate.

Lets keep to mind these 3 reasons why it’s ok to be single.

1. To discover yourself
Being single is a time to withdrawn from the noisy crowd to discover who you really are. It’s a moment of truth and sober reflection. Is the time to be frank in telling yourself how beautiful you are in the inside before the world tells you how beautiful you are in the outside.

Sometime we are looking for someone to love us yet we are so arrogant and proud, always wanting to have our own way forgetting that love is for the humble in heart and attitude. “Take Me As I Am” the excuse slogan but one may wonder how can he or she take me as I am when there is just nothing to write home about me.

Yes, no one is perfect but we should make sincere effort everyday to improve and to become better than we were yesterday.

2. To set a road map for yourself
Being single is a time to design a road map for yourself, the kind of man or woman you want to be. If I don’t know who I am, how can I know who is fit for me.  The role of the one coming into your life is to help you become better on the life you’ve chosen already for yourself.

Your vision is your uniqueness and the fuel that will drive you through life’s challenges.

We need not only rely on our talents or beauty, because our talents and beauty may present us on stage but it’s our vision that makes us stand out through the test of time.

3. To be your own date
Perhaps it is time to date, this time with a stranger called me, myself and I. If you don’t love yourself enough to date yourself then is ok to still be single.

You don’t expect someone to love you more than you love yourself which actually many of us want. “Love your neighbours as you love yourself”, that means if I don’t love myself enough, I cannot love others enough.

It’s hard to give what you don’t have. Being single is the time to find yourself, to better yourself, to have a vision and the kind of life you want to live for the significant rest of your life.

Yes, it’s not a curse to be single; to be single for the good reason.

Don’t be eager to join the race because many have joined but be certain you have the oil and an extra oil for the journey before you set off.

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By Godfrey Damabel.

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