The Father Figure

In a world filled with vex, obstacles, addictions and void of many opportunities, the absence of the kind of support only a father figure provides can be devastating.

The fatherly grace is embedded in every man from birth. Living in a world where you have to survive can be difficult. So much responsibility had been laid on the fathers to produce for the next generation men that thrives.

Mothers play an important role in the life of a child. A mother teaches a child coordination, right approach and kindness. she encourages a child in the path of simplicity, socialization and hospitality. In it all, there is an important void only a father figure can fill.

Research have shown that a child who have an active father figure do well psychologically , emotionally and academically..

Fathers possess mentoring spirit, he teaches his wards civil responsibility and work ethics; so boys/girls will become prepared adult who wins.
The father

A father cultivate and nurtures the seed of greatness in a child, ensures it grows and flourish.  A father provides protection, encouragement and the right support.

A father teaches a child discipline, accountability, stewardship; and self control, stamina and identity is what a father figure also provides.

Choose embrace not extremism, choose patriotism not prejudice, choose insight not insult….a father impressed on his wards.

A father leaves an inheritance for  continuity and productivity. He sows a seed that will last, he leaves his footprint on the sand of time.

A father is resilient, firm and absolute in his resolve to ensure his wards become prepared adults who are patient, visionary and determined in pursuing dreams and aspirations and not emotions.

A child that lacks a father figure will most probably have an urge to always look up to another for decision making and direction even till old age..

A man who loves with insecurity, struggles with identity, abuses a woman is an indication that he never had an exemplary father figure.  A woman who disrespects her man, sees winning as always having her way, disregard authority is an obvious sign she never appreciated a father figure. Same is true for man who disrespect his woman. A father teaches her sons and daughters that both men and women are equal and they both deserve respect, honour and access to grace and power.

(C) Pixabay

A father builds his home, he works with vision, strength and authority.  He is kind, approachable and loving.  His counsel is deep, his light is great, he can be turned to for good advice, support and guidance.

According to Dr. Banschick, a girl who feels accepted and loved unconditionally by her father is more likely to make good choices in her future romantic partner.

A father instil in a child a sense of duty, commitment and loyalty.  A father shows a child that prominence can be achieved through hard-work, perseverance and dedication.

According to Myles Munroe, the inherent purpose of all men is fatherhood. Whether a man is married or single, and whether or not he has children, he must fulfill the role of a father in the lives of those around him.

A father teaches a child common sense and growth mindset.

Yes, with common sense a child will embrace tolerance not terrorism, choose patriotism not prejudice, promote diversity not division and welcome insight over insult.

A father teaches his child to always accept and take responsibility because someday you will be your own father and a father to others.

The ability to learn and become successful is not fixed, it can change with our effort. Life is not always about gift, grace and trophies. Having a growth mindset is better than a winning strategy.

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