3 Ways to Love Yourself

Being good is your greatest leverage. Life means taken initiative, seeking opportunities, learning into uncertainties and leaning on grace.  Life is about growing and growing older and pressing on even in time of discomfort. In such quest we seek solutions, finding answers amidst mistakes and taking responsibility.


Listening to voices of criticism grows your fears and makes you live a life of seclusion and less self esteem. The first place to find love is inside of you, and you must learn to love yourself.  How then can I love myself….

Choose to Let in Things that Grow You.
For there is a season, there is a time and there is a purpose..
You have a greater responsibility to keep your faith in the new perspective, avoid deceivers and naysayers and liars. Do not work or listen to the weak, for they are filled with negativity, fears and deception. Be strong in your renewed zeal to fulfil your purpose and make a difference.
Living is all about friendship, purpose, discipline, love, trust and charisma. Do not consciously allow a drama-ridden woman/man any place in your life. “Your time is worth something, don’t let others waste it for sport”. Learn to trust too. Trust those you are in relationship with, be it business, political, casual and intimate relationship, all requires trust for it to prosper and be in health.

There is a price to pay for not trusting in others, you will have to do everything all by yourself.  Trusting in others is easy, healthy and affordable.
Be intentional in letting in and doing things that will grow you mentally, physically, spiritually and intellectually for these is a better way to love yourself.

Resist and Avoid Things that Afflict you.
Good hygiene is necessary for bodily health and long life. It is your responsibility to take care of yourself. Uplifting conversation, healthy meal and cleanliness is part of good hygiene.

It is necessary you avoid things that inflict your body and in all cases minimise the things that could affect you.  It is reported that the five most addictive substance in the world is Heroin, Cocaine, Nicotine, Barbiturates and Alcohol, and all have a significant effect on the body and may very well be lethal at slight mistake of overdose.  If you are addicted to any of these, there are plenty of help available to you, seek them and you will be just fine at the end of the day.

Be cautious of what you watch, people you listen to, books you read, these things project an image into your mind and can make you or break you over time. Evil communication corrupt good manners. Not only friends, colleagues and media screen speaks, your surroundings also communicate to you, so be mindful where you go, where you live and raise your kids.

Do not Nurture Unforgiveness 
Betrayal leaves us with scars that seems never to go away and a memory that often never fade in a haste.
Anytime we remember those that hurt us we grief and sometime we may hear a loud or subtle voice to revenge.  It’s ok to grief; grief is part of pain and pain is part of the healing process. You hurt yourself the more when you nurture unforgiveness.  Just let them go, they are not worth your time.  When you let go, you release the energy of progress that lies within you and silence the enemy of progress which is unforgiveness.

Always love yourself and love others, live a life of peace and seek same with others.  Love does not grow on trees to be plugged at ripe time but they grows in our heart when we nurture them in our lifetime.

Love is an attitude, Love grow on trees, on the tree you planted.

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