One Truth in the city of 1000 Lies

We live in a time of extraordinary opportunities, truth in it pure state remains absolute and many argues it does not change with time.  Daily, we are confronted with evil that seeks to divide us, news of chaos echoes on our screen, constantly, war winds cruises across the ocean in a hope that someday we will listen and sail on it trajectory.


The evil day fell on us not in an instant but in a gradual disguise like the world have never seen.  Citizens no longer regard patriotism as a sacred duty, esteemed creed now seen as flattering tenants and few had exulted themselves to defile the rule of law and blaspheme revere traditions.

Affliction has set it urge even on the elect, it is what we deem fit we do; who are the gods to instruct us? where were they when our fathers cried until tears blur their narrow vision. Yes, where is HE when the wind swept through our streets with such anger leaving no shelter untouched not even that of the poor.

Let the dreamers dream, let their visionaries envision and let the experts expedite, until the East is safe peace will be hard to celebrate. The earth does not earthquake at will, hurricanes do not visit our habitation for fun, perhaps, the gathering of all nations to dialogue for peace, justice and equity will keep the wind in the deep.

I call myself a priest. Yes, I encourage them to fast and wait for their reward, reward wrapped in tomorrow while I lavish the gathering in my customised abode.  The promise of paradise is all there is, what choice have they than to call me a minister.  I am upright at least on Sabbath, yes the multitude of my trading corrupted my wisdom, I have fallen to pieces in the peak of my days, there wasn’t much to me in the first place, legacy evident only in worldly void.

I call myself a Virgin, with a heart full of despair, a feet stained with night sand and an eye gouging with the arrow of revenge.  I have devised a means to satisfy myself what need do I to desire another, after all the society had accepted my lifestyle lately.

I call myself a leader, don’t tell anyone that my children are wayward; what choice do my partner has than to hide my treachery and conceal my perfidy.  Do I really care.  Have I not tarnished the glimpsing light of many prospect generations? have I not silent the ones who dared to report my mischief  haven’t you read “do unto others before they do unto you“.

The core values still holding our conscience today where instructed in us. Our forefathers, in their realized wrong as human, made an impact with unwritten testament that we are proud to reference even in our dreams to attain greatness through creativity, hard work and determination.

How then can you say you have strength when you falter in the day of distress, how can you win a war against terror if you are the conceal version of it.

“.. Flatterers sabotage trust, malice will always backfire and spite shall surely boomerang.

Now is the moment that truth be etched less the fading flood bleaches it into the sea of forgotten. Have we not seen the ruins of earthen vessels? have we not shared a twilight glimpse of steadfast hope? have we not seen the remains of war?

Uncensored tapes stares everyday, who among us can claim ignorant of the yearnings of the public which lie naked in our squares. In all I am awed by the unfaltering hope of their dreams.

We must not be like them, let our patience persist in piercing through our differences, let our gentle speech break down rigid defenses and let us find strength and peace in our diversity; and in the true gospel.

This is a call for re-awakening and a moment for sober reflection, triumph will be the song in our heart when we fully harnessed the essence of life itself; we are and shall be more than conquerors when we are and fully become the truth in this world of lies.

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