“I do believe no one is born great; great men/women today  got the help they wanted at the time they needed it.

Humans were created in such a way that what so ever they look at, pay attention to, stay with and walk with for a long time without feeling pain and constant rejection but a sense of belonging, they will begin to love naturally. We can love anyone because we were made to love everybody.

helpEveryone at some point in their life had experienced pain, rejection or betrayal but using an imperfect world to build a barrier for yourself is a fight you either overcome today or you will certainly face again in near future.

Take a breath; Consider these 3 reasons it’s ok to still find your helpmate.

1. Your Helpmate Is Your Companion 
A father told me that boys marry for sex and pleasure while men marry for companionship and purpose.
Your helpmate will be with you in the manger and in the palace, always present in time of need.

Always there when the flower turns green and even more when the flower becomes grey.

Companionship is the deepest and highest form of comfort. Our companion revives our souls, they set our spirits on fire so that we can face tomorrow with the courage to love and to achieve our set goals.

2. Your Helpmate Is There To Help
What you need most in life is someone who got your back even when the going gets tough, not a quitter who leaves with the crowd. Your helpmate always helps and won’t leave when you are in need, not even when you are in trouble or in doubt of what next.

“Your helpmate will assist you in maintaining your giraffe’s sight and not to be distracted  by the murmurings of the turtles in your life. 

A woman who calls you a real man when you got that nice job with lots of money to spare in the wallet and later sees you to be a lesser man when it’s not too ok was not really your help mate perhaps she was just the emotional version of helpmate popularly known as soul mate. Same applies to men who abandon their women on the way because of some flaws.

3. Your Helpmate Understands Your Vision 

“Record the vision And inscribe it on tablet; that the one who reads it may go with the right message.

Your helpmate understands your vision and purpose and will help you achieve it. Your helpmate won’t be envious of your success but rather will be a part of it.

Your helpmate will always be present to find a way out with you no matter the obstacles no matter the difficulties.

To stay in the race called life you must run the race. We do need our helpmate to help us get there. He who finds a helpmate is favoured because he/she has found something good, priceless  and precious.

“And I shall make him a helpmate, suitable for him.

Remember this always you are also your own helpmate don’t abandon yourself on the way.

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