3 Reasons it’s ok to Love Another.

Is there a particular woman/man that is created just for me alone?. Without this person can I find true satisfaction?

To some there is this one person that can stir and awaken the deepest gift of love within you, they refer this anonymous person as their soulmate.

I do hold a contrary view to any theory or believe that is not only unproveable but it’s provocative and does not lead us any better. I believe there are good and godly choice(s) for everyone.

Finding someone that can complement you and will bring out the best in you is the person for you. This person often walk on a similar path of life as you, in same faith and believe.

for can two walk together except they be agreed?

It is your responsibility as a man to make your choice; no one should make this choice for you.

Are there justifiable reason(s) why a man should take the step of loving another or loving again?
1. What If She is Absent 
If a woman who is to be loved is absent then a man can choose to love another who is present. Absent here is a complicated word and need to be carefully defined. Someone that travels abroad or away for a short while to accomplish a thing is not to be in the absent category.

A woman is absent if she is not there, will never be there and should not be there. A woman who is married or in another relationship is absent for another to love. Waiting for her to divorce or breakup so she will be with you is covetousness and not the right step to take if you are seeking a genuine partner. Helping others who are together to remain together and strong is a honourable thing to do. Let her go so you can let another in if she is truely absent.

2. What If She is With Another
A woman can be present with you but yet she is with another. You need to take the bold step to let her go, reason being that you can’t trust who you don’t trust, and you can’t fight beside someone you know can disappear at anytime.

If she had made a choice to leave, you let her go. Never beg or pressurise a woman to stay with you and as a woman never beg a man to love you either.

I believe if two want the same thing, they should both walk towards it and work for it. If someone that you love is dating another then love another. We can always love again.

3. What If She is a Nightmare 
Its OK to cut people out of your life, you can’t date everyone or anyone. Someone who discourages you, abuses you, always talking you down and draining every energy you have is qualified to be in the let go list.

Don’t die for your mistake or what should never have existed. It’s hard and some may use the word hash but you certainly do not have all day.

These  are justifiable reasons why you must cut some people out of your active life but challenges and difficulties is certainly not in the list. You don’t stop loving who is with you because of inconveniences; you must be resilient and steadfast. Hold on to what you have and see the best in her or him.

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