The Tragedy of My Unused Gift.

The most serene way of destroying a man is to exult him above his ordination. Gift is your strength and can turn out to be your greatest weakness.

Without gift(talent) you won’t be held responsible; to him (little or much) is given, in same measure it is expected.

People are gifted differently and similarly, the uniqueness is the personality and the sphere of influence.  The purpose of a gift is to make an impact; positive impact.


Sometimes, we bury our gifts because of reasons we’ve insist is genuine, could it be the reasons below?

The Unknown Familiar Fear. 

“..and him that was given one talent hid his under the earth.

If I use my gift(my talent) it will expose my flaws, my weaknesses, this is my greatest fear; and this is what I must live to overcome.

Hiding in the dark is nothing new, it is just a survival instinct and undoubtedly, this is the silent killer of dreams.

Everyone at some point in their life have had a cause to procrastinate, to doubt and to frown.  How will your end justify the means?, I prefer to energies my future not my past.

The Discouragement. 
Sometimes, we feel the gift we have is not sufficient for itself so we ask and wait for another gift to unique or perfect that which we have yet never used.

Are you waiting for someone to encourage you to take that bold step, you need to encourage yourself, after all, you are your first and most available helper.

“..tomorrow seems to be an illusion, tomorrow always exist as the next day; and the day after..

Yes, perfect time may never come, honest people make use of every time they have. Taking a step and a step at a time does not imply you are weak or you have low self esteem, it only means you are honest enough knowing jumping up a stair may injure you.

Your days of little beginnings are your most memorable season of learning; never ignore it, let no one despise it.

Identity Factor. 

“..Jesus I know, and Paul I know; but who are you ?.

Are you a copy cat?, it’s OK to copy cat beautifully than being idle. 

There is this sense of intimidation, especially when someone is already doing what you know you are to do, what you must do to have this sense of fulfillment.  Perhaps, he’s got the stage, proved worthy and reliable for years.  If you raise your neck, your critics will say you are imitating.

“..not everyone is called to invent the wheel, some are to perfect it and even continue in it.

Have you ever gotten to an event with your awesome outfit only to discover another person is wearing exactly what you are putting on.  For most of us, we will leave immediately and miss out on what the day owns.  Most time, people who wait till they are ready never gets ready; never accomplish, never conquers.

Life is all about a step; and a step in time..

I see someone with a gift that was to bring down rain during famine, now the famine is over and there is abundance of rain; from his slumber, he is now set to use the gift.

I see the people saying “what need do we have of you”, where were you when we needed rain?, what we need now is sun to warm and dry the earth.  This is the greatest tragedy of an unused gift.

“..i will do the work now that it is day; for night draws near when no man can work..

The Tragedy of my Unused Gift By Godfrey Damabel

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