The Tragedy of Her Broken Relationship

Relationship are like a sea of glass, once it is broken, it has broken. It can be saved at the verge of collapse when the warning sign has not turned red.

Most time we attribute our failures especially in relationship, business and daily pursuit as “maybe it was meant to be”. This slogan seems to be mere consolation and a way of shying away from investigating the very reason why we failed.

“.. Indeed some relationship are not meant to be;  failure due to floods of flaw is unlikely the true test of what was never meant to be...


A company hired an engineer to test their new gas plant.  Relying only on his instincts, he ignored all cautions in the operating manual. Afterwards, an explosion which caused injury and loss occured as a result of his negligence. When asked to issue a statement he said, the gas plant was meant to explode and loss inevitable. How does that sound?

A young man who was admitted into law school spent his first 2 years without studying effectively, always found with anti-school activities.  He failed out of law school eventually while his friends graduated.  Can we say he was not meant to be a Lawyer?.

A man went to a bar knowing it is OK not to drink while driving but he ignored such caution. Driving home afterward, he had an accident and he ended up on a wheelchair. Can we still assume confidently that him being on a wheelchair was meant to be?.

“..Refusing to accept responsibilities and avoiding criticism  are natural instincts and a humane way to remain untarnished....–Damabel G.

The above illustrations are not far fetched from what happens and its happening in our broken relationships. You cannot put on ant-relationship attitude and you expect happy ever after.  It’s OK to reap what you sow.

“.. You can be successful in both your relationship and your career without sacrificing any for the other...Bishop Jakes

Every relationship matters.  They all serve a purpose whether it’s be a relationship with family, friends, lovers, business partners; and the village.

It is OK to give people an opportunity to change; change because of themselves for greater good.  It’s our duty to hold others up and see to it that they are on their own feet again.

“.. Sensible people control their temper; they earn respect by overlooking wrongs...Proverbs 19:11

I see a lady leaving a relationship that is to flourish with peace and prosperity but on wheelchair due to her misplaced priorities and wrong attitudes.

theatre-83862_1280With same floods of flaw, she is now in a new relationship.  I see the memorable days of her new relationship spent mending the broken pieces from her previous relationship. Could this be a rehearsal for another disaster?.  This is the fate that befalls most broken relationships; it is just the case that hers is a tragedy.

“.. natural beauty is blur in the mirrored gaze of a true prince;  being elevated in character and spirit has always been my desired virtue.

In the possessive stares of her sight, in the wondering waves of her thoughts, beneath the floods of her flaw, I see fortitude, I see hope; hope without measure.

》》The Tragedy of Her Broken Relationship By Godfrey Damabel 


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