The 3 Kinds of Ex and their Acts

Some people are not with you neither are they without you they just nosy.

The more you push them away the more they  find another means to come back, most time, in the spirit of just friends.  Most of them have nothing more to offer but they just need a glass of water before they embark on same journey that made them ex.

Those who sympathise emotionally with their ex may most likely suffer loss, often in a form of delay; delay in making another choice....

Your ex is a motivation why you should not fail again, perhaps you did not fail after all, you needed to move on. Don’t hate them but see them as obstacles you have overcome or an experienced path that made you stronger.

 The category an ex falls is determine by how he/she became ex and what he is doing now that he/she is nothing but ex.

1. D Good Ex
Being an ex does not make you a bad person, it may just be the case that you both separated for the greater good.  Is not a must that everybody that started together must end up being together especially when things are not working out due to inborn dissatisfaction and irreconcilable differences.

A good man can be an ex to a good woman, after all, most likely, the one putting a lasting smile on your face now did so after becoming an ex to another.

The good ex encourages your to growth directly or indirectly despite all odds.   It’s OK to be friend with the good ex but be mindful of emotional resurrection.

“..Emotions are among those things that even after given them a befitting burial, they can just resurrect on the third day...

2. D Bad Ex
The bad ex are like the evil spirit of slavery.  They always refuse to die by fire but the good news is, they are bad and not hidden, given you an opportunity to fight them before they enter your kitchen.

You resist them with knowledge and not to be too wary of their cunning. Yes, you got to live your life and not leave your life for them.

The bad ex has an uncontrollable urge to cause disaster where you’ve found peace. It’s a shame their place is no longer found , but they always check back.

3. D Nosy Ex
In my opinion, these are the worst of them all. They are like a monitoring spirit, always watching, always asking, always waiting for the day you are weak so they can knock again.

The psalmist refer to them as the pestilence that works at noon day unlike the bad ex who can be likened to the destruction that Crawl at night.

They are just curious to find out if or how you are coping without them. They often act as if they want you back not because they are changed for the better but because they miss the benefit of having you around. They are driven by their selfish urge of not knowing what they want, always wondering if you are back on your feet again.

When misery unfolds in your very eyes and your previous rehearse of wisdom could not rescue your sinking ship; mine was the mischief of my nosy ex..


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