The Desired Woman

She is whole and ok, her beauty is beyond measure.

“She has no confidence in charm and beauty but her delight is in the multitude of her many virtues(Her Pride, Her Beauty, Her Role and Her Purpose).

She is a woman of substance, dignity is her pride, the birds sings her song even the doves learn from her feet. She is a mother figure, a true example to womanhood, able to keep her home from shame and despair.

No accusation stands in her presence, her lips are sealed while her works proves her innocence.
She is the beloved of God and the wife to one in body and soul.
Lying lips and covetousness is driving away from her even from her accountable age.

“She is a woman of honour and dignity, blessed with grace and exotic surprises.

She is confident and elegant yet she answers only the call of her man. She lies only in his home and her footprint cannot be found in strange places.

She is the hill of frankincense, she is the mountain of myrrh and aloes.
She is comely and beautiful and the fruit of her lips melts even the hottest iron.

“She has no confidence in charm and beauty but her delight is in the multitude of her many virtues; She is more than a thing, exulted above mere work of art to be cherished -Damabel

She is the strength in her home, in the days of adversity she is the voice that is trustworthy, her food delights and even in dim light her countenance heavens.
She is good at heart, her vessel is pure to behold, her flower turns red with the dew of the morning.
She bears fruits, pleasant fruits even at old age.

She is the desired woman because her role does not conflict her purpose.
She is skillful with craft of home, with wisdom and understanding she speaks and with kindness she wins the heart of all.
Her husband sings her praise in the midst of his peers in daylight, her children’s heart is clothed with joy at her returning.

“The fruits of her hand is plenty, her possession is the song at the mountain top and yet she knows the hour to return home.

She is hospitable and charitable. She owns and nurtures her own vineyard. Her children sings her praise at the city gate.
She is priceless, cannot be seduced by material things, she increases in fortune and knows when and where to save. She is good and no evil counsel can be traced to her blossom nor is it retained in her locks. She works eagerly and willingly with her hands. She brings good tidings and calls a gardening for the profiting of the home.

Her glory is her crown.
She is wise she knows God’s word for herself. She yarns to be fruitful because she understands that children are gifts from God.

She subdues her earth with dominion mandate and her skills and talents are profiting beyond the city gate.

She brings light, salt and water.
She replenishes even that which was void and she brings to life what was dead.
She invents because she is intelligent, she leads because she has a mentoring spirit and she guides because she can discern.


All women are mothers. The inherent purpose of all women is motherhood. Whether a woman  is married or single, and whether or not she has children, she is designed by God to fulfill the role of a mother in the lives of those around her.
Mothers owns the home, she builds a house and makes it hospitable for all. Mothers nurture life and makes it grow and flourish.

“Dream lofty dreams, and as you dream, so shall you become. Your vision is the promise of what you shall one day be. —JAMES ALLEN

The father instills love and discipline into the children. The mother spice up this love and discipline with emotional flair so the child won’t be arrogant and proud. A mother teaches a child Coordination, approach, kindness and domestic fluency. A mother teaches a child simplicity, socialization, hospitality and respect. Yes this is what only a mother figure can provide.

#Dedicated to all the beautiful women in the world.

“She is more than a thing; exulted above mere works of art to be cherished.

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