3 Kinds of People to Look out for

EARTHLife, a theatre in space for us to grow, learn and connect. This same life is about people, people we know, those we like and those we’ll never know.  This connection prospers as we open our minds and our arms to support others in that inexcusable desire to love.  Bravery, courage and a quest for identity is what we hope to achieve as we live our lives on the sand of earth.

On our own, we cannot end wars or wipe out injustice, but the cumulative impact of thousands of small acts of goodness can be bigger than we imagine —Queen Elizabeth

We may never know much while we sojourn here on earth but what we can’t afford, is to miss out on our chance to help, love and the courage to express it in daylight.

There are 3 kinds of people we should always look out for in life. We see them on our streets, in the news and in the world unknown.

The People We Dislike  
Love reciprocates so do hate.  Sometimes we are not the one that hate but others do. Yes, we may not be able to like everyone but to hate is something we do consciously.  Hatred torments and it’s the root of all revenge, infact hate is the punishment we give to ourselves for not loving.

Pursuing peace at all costs should be an earnest desire that should never be extinguish….

Hatred is a cloth that darkens the light of prosperity, it blurs vision and does not see good in people.  Hatred gives us seemingly genuine reason to harm others.

People that hates do so because they are hurt and sometimes no one hears them out.  Therefore we must extend a genuine hand of friendship in every tempestuous moment and always resist honestly the urge to dislike.

The People We Love
What difference are we among others if we love those that only loves us?  Love is what we should extend to all regardless of their colour, race and religion.  Love cannot give what it does not have, what she has is often enough to put a smile on someone’s face.

Silver and gold I have none but such that I have I give unto you…..

This is a profound statement that seems to insist there is always something we can give to others in need.  Love is ignorant of any excuse to kill or harm others.

The People We Ignore 
These are the ones on our street begging for bread, this are the ones without shelter,  they are the ones whose hope have been crushed and dreams shattered.

 Love does not ignore others in need…

This is a time to help,  heal, it’s more of a time to amend and to set ourselves on the cause of freedom. Freedom from hatred for the ones that do not share same believe and values as we do.

Let us live a modest life, a life of community and open arm, a life always willing to help and assist others in their journey for greatness.

Indeed, true patriotism is the cure for prejudice.

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