Do Our Soul-Mate Really Exist?

Soulmate is suspected by many to be that special one having the ordained ointment to stir our passion, the one with the solution to our emotional intentions and the one with the overwhelming promise of what only a learned goddess could meet . Many of us also honour these thought that perhaps our soul mate do exist.  How far is this from the truth or perhaps reality?

“.. The Purpose of Love is Harmony and the reward is Prosperity.

What women want is no secret, a man who respects and loves her, faithful and able to stay few hours awake and of course an extra cash to make the love go round. Other attributes a woman may desire are added incentives. On the other hand, what a man wants in my opinion, is a woman who is elevated in body, character and spirit and can be relied upon in times of need.

someoneformeFinding this man/woman can be very exhausting especially when we are particular about the one having a perfect match to our lofty dreams.

In my opinion, women may not to be very buoyant with the resource in finding the man of their dreams but with their stronger instinct they can tell when their like knocks.

“.. Everything we hear today we’ve been told, the question is by who, why and may be when? 

Well this is a common question among adults especially those who are particular about the sermon of soul mate and the like. Let’s take a look..

1. If It’s True, What Chance Do I Have. 
It seems to say, if we have 10 persons in a room(5 unions), if a man pick a wrong one then 2 unions out of 5 is already wrong. The implications is, as these two persons are wrongly together, the other two that suppose to marry them have to remain single or choose another wrong 2.  In every logical scenario, the chains of wrong choices becomes exponential in growth.

Well, it will be morally wrong, if we are in a haste to leave out the possibilities of a divine intervention put in place to curb such mismatch disaster.

2. What About The Unmarried, The Celibate. 
Some are made EUNUCHS who by virtue of their faith and believe, decides to stay unmarried as a greater sacrifice for service.

Those born Eunuchs are sure not to have matching pairs but may not be the case for those made Eunuchs.

If we were made in pairs that means the other pair have to stay unmarried or marry a wrong person who could have been the right one for another person.

The case of polygamy is very interesting.  Indeed,  some traditions and most religious doctrines accept polygamy as a responsible union in midst of modern condemnation. Polygamy as it is, could then imply, there exist two or more created just for one person. Of course this is a claim that most folks will rebunk in a haste.

3. What About Death and Re-Marry. 
When a partner dies, in most cases, the surviving parner goes on to marry another. Can we assume there is a standby pair waiting for the day someone dies?  What about the case of divorce and remarry?

“.. the intent of every union is peace and prosperity,Pst. Preston.

Verbal history suggests, the notion of soul mate (A particular one created only for you) was used in keeping young ladies in a state of celibacy and control.

Do you still think Our Soul Mate Really Exist or a convenient truth grossly exaggerated? Find out more as I share my thoughts in an exclusive post “Will Leah Ever Become Rachael?.
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