SOUL-MATE: Will Leah Ever Become Rachel?

Most men married Leah with the hope that she will become Rachel afterward. For others, they did so while they were in the dark probably in obedience to religious, political or cultural obligations.  Emotional sentiments and enviromental pressure had also encourage such union. The big question remains  “Do our soul Mate Exist Really Exist?” and “Will Leah Ever Become Rachel?“.

I have heard folks say God no longer reveals who one is to mary reason being that if things turns out ugly the slogan “This Woman Thou Gavest Me” will not be heard as was in the case of Adam in the Christian holy book.  Indeed, this submission sounds logical but I am not convinced even though such is gaining popularity among Christian believers.

The complexity of human nature has left us with no one formula capable of providing a blue-print for a happy-ever-after relationship, and no book written may envisage all eventualities; in life things happen.  Experience  makes you either wise or fearful. Experience is good, experience can also teach us bad stuffs, its ok to walk with revelation.

I choose not to insist the doctrine of soul mate is completely untrue or is it a sham but I confidently believe such notion has been grossly exaggerated, I see it to be more of a suggestion because it lacks provable substance. Indeed, not everything in life can be proven by contemplative reasoning and superficial logic. 

I choose to believe that there is no particular one for anyone, that is, if you don’t be with that person you’ve lost your chance of happiness and fulfillment.  I confidently insist, there is a better choice(godly choice) for those who choose not to remain single.

 bearing a conviction that someone is the right person for you does not automatically imply you are the right person for him/her; most time not yet, sometime never..

I find it unnecessary using “God Told Me You Will Be My Wife” to persuade or influence someone to be with me even when it’s true.  Appearing spiritual may not make you look more ok than you really are in my opinion.  Frankly,  most ladies and even guys see this as a desperate move to overwhelm them, this is enough reason for them to run and never come back.  Choice is still a gift from God and women do well when they feel they have a choice before and during commitment.  If you brings in God’s factor which by the way it’s OK, you should also realise, God is not one sided, the same God that spoke to Joseph can also speak to Mary.

Spiritual gift is not a tool for bullying rather it should be used in a way of ensuring a guiding principle for others to make their own choices and these also goes to religious leaders and mentors who are often tempted to mate-match.

They are both good is not a guarantee for happy relationship, chemistry matters verily.

It’s OK not to trade your heart desire for tradition or superstition; Leah with her tender and seductive eyes could not be Rachel who was favoured and elevated in form and beauty.  

The person that appeal to your good desires in the present often satisfies more than the one carrying the exaggerated version of love advertised on Disney channel.

It is ok to desire Rachel but if what you have is Leah for what ever reason, I believe you can also find hapiness and fulfilment with her. Though Rachel is your premium version of a virtuous woman, Leah is also a graceful defination of what a woman is, if she is harnished her profiting will also abide.

  If you feel that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence, then plant more grass on your side of the fence; it’s ok to love what you have...

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