Is Divorce-2-Remarry The New Polygamy? Part B

Humans compete naturally , a woman remaining chaste is an earnest desire she won’t willingly share with another.

Below is my interview with A Professor of English and History on the issue of Polygamy, divorce and remarry.

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Question: What are your thoughts on polygamy?

Prof: Polygamy was and is our way of life, it was so from anchient times and there were lots of benefits in it. When a man marries multiple wives, he will be well taken care of with best comfort and well cooked meals. Women do well in midst of competition but when they become the only choice they can act anyhow they like. Men had dignity and respect then unlike today. Polygamy is better than divorce to remarry which has tremendous negative impact on the children and society.

Question: Can a man love more than one woman?

Prof: Why not. Love means two or more people living and working together in harmony.

Question: Polygamy is not common today and some people do not want to go into it. What are your thoughts?

Prof: Polygamy is gradually fading out because of religious and sentimental attacks on it. The people children tends to emulate these days are not polygamist.


I spoke to a cab driver on the topic of extra-marital affairs, these where his words.

Question: Are women really the cause why men have extra-marital affairs.

Cab driver: Most time women are at fault but sometimes men just choose to have extra-marital affairs just for the fun of it or influence from their friends who had been in the business.

Question: In what way(s) can a woman be at fault?

Cab driver:  Most women makes the house unconducive and ungoverneable for the man. If a woman nags and always quarrel with the husband anytime he returns from work, then the husband will just remain out after work for the sake of peace and by so doing, he may fall into the hand of another.  A woman who consistently refuses to perform her marital obligations because she is no longer sexually eloquent or with excuses like I feel pain in my head, body or leg is only inviting another woman into the matrimonial home.


Can two walk together except they be agreed? It takes two to build and one to destroy.

When you loose touch with history, then you will not know who and what to emulate.

What some people do today is to divorce their spouse because often than not they’ve found another they intend to marry.  Some men prefer to cheat than to be polygamous while some women take the path of  promiscuity than divorce mostly for the sake of the kids. Divorce and remarry seems more like an upgraded version of polygamy which is becoming a trending lifestyle.

If you feel that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence, why not plant more grass on your side of the fence?. 

Do you think divorce and remarry is the new polygamy or perhaps they are just fantastically polygamous?
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