If you can occupy a man with sex and food his excuse to look out is already exhausted, such has become a popular believe.
The nature of men encourages them to be better with reasoning and logic and less incline to emotion. Several articles are out there about what men need, most were written by women who themselves are not men.

A man is so saturated with the juice testosterone with it’s many blessings and ills. It makes a man aggressive, vocal, insecure and impatient. It makes him highly competitive, always wanting to win and be praised. A man wants to be in control over his own and when a woman argue this with him, he sees her as the enemy he has to overcome rather than the one he needs to love.




At each stage of his life his needs changes; Remember these 3 things can make him be the man you desire.





1. Men love praise
You are handsome or cute is not the praise, to a man you are only cracking jokes and it’s fun anyway. Tell a man he is intellectually capable and his vision is more accurate than that of thousand doves and watch him as he performs and deliver.

When you tell him what he is doing right and how well he is doing it, he does more and even more.

Men dwells in praise because they are made in the image of God, the less you praise your man, the less likely he will want to return home to you. If you look for fault you will find because he who seek finds. Praise his strength, for it is that very strength that is needed to overcome the weakness you see as flaws.

2. Men need encouragement 
Encouragement gives you the boldness to face tomorrow. Encouragement is the highest form of companionship.

“Men are not drawn to criticism, we’re drawn to praise. We perform best when you tell us how well we’re doing what we are doing –TD Jakes.

You don’t encourage a man by telling him what to do, you suggest ways to make better what he is trying to do or already doing. When you constantly tell a man what to do you are competing intellectually with him and he will fight you eventually.

The subtle way men put up this fight is to do contrary to what you suggested even when you are right. If he fails he will say this woman thou gavest me, if he succeeds, it’s just about proving a point.

3. Men value support
What a man needs most from a woman is the right support. Sadly, most women are there for what they can get and less available on what they can give. A woman is a resource a man should fall on when he needs help. A woman who does not contribute into a man’s life is a liability to him, it doesn’t matter how beautiful she is.

It’s better for a man to feel unloved by a woman than to be disrespected.

When a man does not feel he is winning, it is very difficult for that man to continue to do what he feels he is not doing well. So as you persistently try to change him by telling him what he is not doing well, you are simply convincing him you are not supposed to be here.

It has never been heard that being a man is a joke. You want a real man? Perhaps it’s time to let him grow to be real.

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-By G.D Damabel


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