But Should I Trust Again?

A broken trust is like a shattered glass on street wall; who will mend the pieces.

Puting your trust in another is a mistake you only make twice in a lifetime.

Many have been crushed by the way side not by a stranger but by people they trusted.  Trusting again is something they’ll not dare for the rest of their lives. Betrayal leaves us with a scars that seems never to go away and a memory that often never fade in a haste.trust

Anytime we remember those that hurt us we grief.  It’s ok to grief; grief is part of pain and pain is part of the healing process.

People may naturally love those that does not love them but will find it hard to trust those that does not trust them.

3 Reasons its Ok to Trust Again
Success is a matter of Trust
The evidence of trust in every relationship is Harmony, it is this harmony that brings success.

You have to trust someone to do the things you cannot do all alone.  People who are in search for perfect people often have delays in life, you’ll always be disappointed, not in them but in yourself for not fulfilling the role of building others.

Imagine been married to a woman and you nurture the thought that she is out to kill you, in such case, you’ll never find peace or rest.

Without trust in a relationship feelings and emotions appear more like sentiment; more like pretence.

Trust is the very ingredients necessary for success in every kind of human relationships.

Progression is a matter of Trust
We only realise when the time is slipping that never trusting in others is a mistake that will afford you to loose opportunities in life.

Yes people may fail, but trust afford others an opportunity to be the best of themselves.

Knowing that someone trusts you discourages any excuse that could have encouraged you to relent.

Low productivity is eventual where there is no trust. Trust exude energy and gives strength to people around us, energising that desire in them to win and leave up to expectation.

Health is a matter of Trust
There is a price to pay for not trusting in others, you will have to do everything all by yourself.  Trusting in others is easy, healthy and affordable while not trusting is hard and costly.

always suspicious of others takes away your peace and concentration , can cause anxiety.

Trust those you are in relationship with, be it business, political, casual and intimate relationship, all requires trust for it to prosper and be in health.

Men fail that is why we don’t put our trust (eternal hope) in them but they are created to succeed that is why we trust them.  Genuine trust in others, energises their spirit, pushes them above their limit and sets them on a course towards success. When you trust other, it creates a conducive atmosphere for creativity, a sense of belonging and community.

Trust others, don’t lose guard and don’t leverage your life for trust sake; always be wise and awesome. Love is powerful, Trust makes Love happen.
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3 thoughts on “But Should I Trust Again?

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  1. Thanks for this wonderful piece. In a situation were you’ve been disappointed more than thrice by someone you trust. Each time he/she hurts you, you forgive and let go but you keep getting hurt. In such scenario, what should such person do?


    1. Hi Bella,
      Thanks for your question. My response is on a general note since the detail and the circumstances leading to his/her action is not included in the question.

      Everyone deserves the right to be happy and live a hurt free life. You can either punish, patronize or accept one’s conduct but you cannot change their character. Play your role, forgive, help and stand by those who hurts you because they are weak in character but keep your heart away and play safe until such time they are fully redeemed.


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