Many refer marriage as another institution of higher learning and they rather seek for admission when they have everything in a row.

For others marriage is a landing place after you have exhausted your youthful nerves rather than a safer haven for fun and a foundation for launching into adulthood and parenthood.Financial power seems to be the greatest contributing factor for late marriage. Research shows that marital ceremony in African culture is a huge financial project and it has become a thing of silent worry for the younger blood.

Many insists that maturity and financial freedom is the primary factor that shouldn’t  be ignored when considering marriage. Maturity itself means different thing for different people. Physical, spiritual, mental and financial maturity all have its divers interpretation across different cultural lines.

“Those who are so concerned about weather forecast always miss important opportunities in life. -G.D Damabel

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Why take the vow? Consider these 4 reasons it’s OK to marry early.

1. It’s Better When the Onion is Fresh

Is fun to start early, because there is nothing to loose at the end of the day.
Most people marry when they’ve exhausted their romantic fragrance and sexual prowess and nothing is left for anticipation.

Won’t it be better if you unleash your youthful vigour and fury on each other within marriage than use it all while single.

“Those who starts their life journey together are more likely to remain together than those who just met on the way to the end.

Some people are waiting when they will be ready, well that depends on your definition of ready. In real life the perfect time never comes, wise people make the time they have perfect. Once you have the resources to start, you can and you should, then you both can support each other into the glorious future that suits.

2. Won’t You Rather Make Hay While The Sun Shine
There is a time in a woman’s life when dozens of men come naturally to her rising with good and bad intentions.

“If you wait till night for the so call right one, when he or she comes you may not be the right one for him/her. 

Some ladies dedicate their younger days to arrogance and snub with the believe that the very hour they decide they are now ready for marriage, the man they want will suddenly show forth on a platter of gold.

Most women who embark on a thorough search are not only unromantic they often return with a slogan “all men are the same”. But is there a correlation between female exhaustive search for a partner and happy ending in a marriage?

“Most time women are not looking for the men they want, they are actually screening out the ones they don’t want – G.D Damabel

Most men in some cultures finds women who have had multiple dates in the past to be less chaste, fortunately, men are always in luck with their dirty romantic past.

3. Safety First, Prevent Risk.
Every kind of risk increases with old age especially child birth.
The earlier you have kids, the younger you will be when they leave home, and you can pick up your career and still live your life.

“Why expose the ice to the sun when it will melt anyway.

According to my source, training up your kids at old age or after retirement is not a pleasant experience both for parents and the kids as well, and during antenatal care, you will be marked high risk when your age is over 35.

Most infant related health risk is due to older mothers. Medical research shows that fertility rates for women start to drop around 27 and after 35 they decrease more dramatically.

4. Research Findings Not So Much In Favour of Late Marriage

People who want to marry late will most likely have multiple partners before marriage. Research have shown that people that marry early tends to be more satisfied, responsible and earn more than their late counterpart.

According to  new research by the National Marriage Project, the more relationships you had prior to your marriage, the more likely you are to report a poor-quality marriage.

Galena K. Rhoades, research associate professor of psychology at the University of Denver, said, When it comes to relationship experience, we found that having more experience before getting married was associated with lower marital quality, perhaps because their marital relationship is a ground for comparison with a good idea of alternative options.

According to a survey results as reported in The Sydney Morning Herald,  marriage is six times more likely to break down if a husband beats his wife.

“After all there will be tons of changes you both will make as you live together whether you marry early or late.

Making a long-term investment in one person by building a deep and abiding love that will last for a lifetime is a honourable thing to do isn’t it?

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