DECISION REALM: The Place That Matters

What we are today is a consequence of series of decisions made over time.

Every major or minor decision taken in life is first or foremost process in the decision realm. It is a place where life’s choices are made, it’s a place where goals and aspirations are prioritise based on desires and preferences.

A  final year student was involved in an exam unfair practice. She knew that there is a 50% chance that you will be caught and the penalty is expulsion or the very least suspension. She ignored all warning words and went ahead.  She was sanctioned and she began crying with details of regret.  Indeed series of wrong choices made over time lead her this far.

Sometimes, we blame the present and frown at the moment of now for what it could not offer, forgetting that today is created from series of decisions we made in our yesterday.

One of the reason I believe Adam pointed accusing fingers to the woman in reference to the Christian Bible, was to remove any suspicion that he was deceived by the devil, since the devil pride himself in take credit for bad stuffs and also to make clear that the woman was the one that influenced his decision realm.


Life always gives us time and chance to decide and decide again.

Your health and your weight today is as a result of series of dietary and habitual decisions you made in the past.

Your career and educational successes or failures today can be traced to series of investment and priority decisions you made in the past.

The state of your marriage and relationship today is as a result of series of conscious and unconscious decisions you made in the past.  The emotional stability or turbulence today is as a result of series of decisions you made in the past.

“A fruit does not ripe today it is a process that began yesterday; we are the decisions of yesterdayG.D Damabel

Sometimes the decision realm is so overwhelmed and overweight that we give in to survival instinct rather than success instinct.  Some comfort and fun is just a blind instinct we agree for ourselves in avoiding the risk for pursuing true success. We choose to remain on mount Horeb(place of Comfort) because of the uncertainties and obstacles we assume will be on our journey to the promise land.


confused-880735_640There is no void or neutrality in life. Everything is decided. For us, free will persuades that we decide for ourselves what we truly want.

This is a decision of inactivity or silence. This is a kind of decision that makes someone stagnant and  retrogress in life.

When we refuse to take a stand because of fear or favour, when we neglect or procrastinate the duty of today, we only carry it over making the duty of tomorrow more difficult and hard. Sow your seed when it is sowing time so your harvest will be, in the seasons to come.

Most time the decision of ignorance is as a result of the decision of negligence. You neglect what you ought to have done and that made you to be ignorant.

To be ignorant of what is at your disposal is not an excuse because it’s a choice you made to remain so. Make a decision today to know many things. Wisdom is the principal thing; in all your getting get understanding while acquiring knowledge.

This is the kind of decision that acts. Certainly this is far more better than decision of negligence but endeavour it’s not an urge from the decision of ignorance to just act without vision and purpose.

Make decision that is based on conviction and not on sentiments or pity.  The first step in winning the battle of life is to take a stand.  An obstacle will become  a stepping stone when you take a step, a step in the right direction.  If you fail at first don’t give up the more you fail the closer you get to winning.

Decide now..

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By Godfrey Damabel.

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