“A mere promise of love is the most effective tool for deception; $uch blunder lingers in the heart of a treacherous soul.

To be born is never a mistake, rain can beat the earth as long as it likes, the snow can gather itself on our path till noonday, the sun can revenge on us with its scourge and unbearable touch but we remain resolute to our cause.  A cause of courage,  for me it has always been the greatest test of bravery. How many times has nature proven to us that death is not the final point of forgotten, people live and die but the greatest legacy one can live ahead is the courage to truly love.

“The greatest test of bravery is courage; the courage to truly love. GD Damabel

Many embark on a quest of finding love, not knowing that what they are actually looking for is finding the courage to love.

Sometimes we are so cut up with the romance of it all and we forget the practicality of it all. A claim of love that is not born out of purpose is most probably an emotion hastily accepted, this is what many call Love at first sight to me is mere curiosity at first sight.
Love is like a spring, her water is pure but the rock it flows through defines the taste; we are the rock.
Love is not bitter, love is sweet.
Love cannot be exhausted, Love is eternal.

Love does not only exist in the past; love is present.

Love does not hurt.
Love does not deceive.
Love does not belittle or impose herself on others.
Love does not take advantage of others.
Love does not promise or give what she does not have.

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.”
Lao Tzu

Love is the foundation of all things.
Love is not corrupt and does not corrupt.
Love does not discriminate, Love knows no boundary.
Love is pure, Love is whole.
Love is ok.

Love is inspiring, Love is funny, Love is not a joke.

Love is kind and compassionate.
Love has no fear, Love waits for your best, yes your best yet to come.
Love is strong and has no weakness, Love brings out the best in you.
Love is sincere, always sincere, always ready.

Love is not by force, Love has a will, Love is a choice.

Love does not impose herself on others.
Love is more than watching someone’s boring show on TV, I mean Love is reasonable.
Love is patient and meek.
Love listens, Love acts, Love is not blind.

Love supports, she will not leave you stranded.

Love is not temporal, Love is always.
Love cannot be defined, Love defines everything.
Love cannot be created, she exists before creation.
Love is expressed, Love is within, Love is not silent, she speaks.
Love keeps us from fear and holds us from falling.

Love does not live for the detriment of others.

Love brings peace and joy.
Love does not kill or hurt; Love lives for a just cause.
Love overcomes evil with good, Love is wise.
Love does not seek for war or revenge.
Love does not feel intimidated.
Love is peaceful.
Love does not pay evil for evil.
Love does not persecute.

Love is not a trap, we don’t fall in it, we live and walk in her.
Love is jealous; always ready to protect.
Love does not hate, love always act.

Love also loves because Love is real, because Love is Love.

Even nature has proven to us that death is not the final point of forgotten; people live and die but the greatest legacy one can live ahead is the courage to truly love.

  • By Godfrey Damabel.

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