Act of Manipulation: D3 Tools of Deception

…anyone can be deceived twice…to be free means to free someone.

This is an abstract from the upcoming book The 3rd REALM OF KNOWLEDGE by Godfrey Damabel.

It is no surprise that people are being deceived everyday. Some have been manipulated so much to believe they are fighting for the gods or for a cause they had no idea it existed. As far as the earth remains, there will always be deception.



The act of manipulation suggests that, if you can achieve a triple attack all on human emotion, ambition and his urge for freedom at once; you will most probably be successful in your act of manipulation.  In deception realm, these are the 3 most effective tools:
The Promise of Love
True and perfect love is the very essence we exist but in the hand of a treacherous soul, the promise of love is the quickest and most effective tool for deception.
There is an overwhelming flaws in human emotion and any successful attack on it, is half victory.  Kings have abdicated their throne because of the promise of love. It has even led princes to walk on bare foot and slaves on horses.

Love is pure and whole. Love is the only tool for salvation and uplifting but in another hand if corrupted, is the most viable tool for deception and manipulation.

The Promise of Reward.
In the act of manipulation, the promise of reward is the 2nd most common tool of deception. What men seek after is prominence and protection, in the quest of this two substances, the urge for power and the need for money to sustains it kicks in.

If anyone can lure you into believing that he has this as a reward for you, then he has gotten the substance to manipulate you. This is also used in politics to attain and sustain power.

Religion on the other hand had been successfully used as a tool of deception because it promises reward in a more inspiring and impeccable way “the paradise“.  Some have been recruited for battle with the reward of paradise if they get killed, in the act of manipulation, that is the extent the promise of reward can go.

The Promise of Exoneration. 
Have you ever committed an act and you were told if anything goes wrong you won’t be held responsible, such vain promise is the most effective tool of deception used for people in position of authority. They use others to do their dirty biding and they always get away with all sorts of impunity.

Is like a friend turned foe, gradually leading you into the pit, just when you are about to fall he holds you like a hero just to ask you to die a painless death in modern term resign.

“ damage one’s reputation is another form of suicide 》》Henry Fielding (1707 – 1954).

At the very moment you err, they will disappear and the one who orchestrated it will show forth with the details of the act softly asking you to do their biding to avoid jail term.

Deceive or be deceived, do unto others before they do unto you, such is a path full of regret; in life a clean hand is far more powerful and sharper than a guilty sword. 》》Damabel G.

Desperation, fear and uncertainty is what the enemy uses to lure his victim. When power is given to the inexperienced deceit is inevitable.

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