The Revenge of the One that Calls Me Her Nosy Ex

For many their story begins when they are born but mine began the day I saw my beautiful Ex.

To what I thought was an escape from death after I was relieved of a deadly robbery attack that claimed the life of a co-traveler, the end proves, that was just the beginning of my story.


Stranded I was, I remembered my x-girlfriend who what seems fortunate was living in the same city I was robbed. I reached to her for help, she agreed with what I assumed  was a pretense of a woman’s resistance at first.

She assisted me to lodge in a hotel with some extra fare so I can return to my home state. Joy filled my heart but little did I know, she saw this as an opportunity to pay me back for the heart break she must have felt after our breakup years back of which I was not sorely responsible, if at all I had a hand in it.

Her kind gestures in my opinion was superb and legendary, at some point, I thought I was dreaming...

Who can reject a delicious food from a familiar woman on a stranded eve? None except me, that is, if I knew the food contain what seems to be a revenge spice.

Yes, I was poisoned by the woman that helped me, my caring ex. In the months of my misery, when I could not remember a thing only the hotel where I fainted took the blame for my people could only conclude the food from the hotel was the source of the poison. Oh yes, I know the reason she decided to implicate this hotel but I will leave that story for another day.

she was so real and courageous in her craft; even an inexperience god could fall prey to her wily absurdity….

After all these years, her urge for vengeance was so potent that not even the mischief I suffered in the hand of arm robbers could appeal a little to her resolve.  This is my opportunity to pay back, she must have insisted in the beautiful heart she always impersonate.

An urge for vengeance could be likened to the wrath of a desert fire, it comes with disguise warning, without conscience….

I believe she wanted me dead, but for no reason I could find, I am still breathing till now. The doctor said, the quantity of the revenge spice(poison) was not sufficient enough to trigger the irreversible heart attack which she must have envisaged.  Did God spare my life so I can pay back or just to tell my side of the story?.

Should I talk about the ventures of Arcturus or the sweet influences of Pleiades or the sentinels within the doors of the south? together it is, what I can not recount in a haste for what knowledge do I have that is mine.  Who among us understands the powers we reckon with just so we all can live another day without plague.

when shall we know the ordinances of the heavens so we can  fix their rule over the earth?...

Many have wondered which sin is greater?. In my struggle between life and death, when every gasp for air in that lonely realm seems more and more insufficient, when suddenly the earth was void of form and light was stingy in her beckon.  It was a time when all that remains in what seems to be a frank vision was what I hated and loved; in the dim of my travel, I saw a finger of grace that lifted me up and till this day I know  “Life is Sacred”.

While vengeance and bitterness is the worst of all mischiefs, in my opinion taking a life is the height of what I see to be sin against humanity.

…The Revenge of the One that Calls Me Her Nosy Ex by –Godfrey Damabel

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