Why he is still single..

As I looked, I saw what became of those that did love, hastily, I came to a conclusion that love is what we do just when we are ready to die or most certainly when we’ve resurrected from death.

The mirror of my past stairs at me with this curious stance that seems to ask “are you letting me go”, how hard it is now to move on.


Most things in life are not evil, we are encouraged not to do them because of the effect it has on us in the latter. They are life guilding principles. 

Today it seems…I still want MARY with her cute smile, exortic surprise and harvest look.  It was the case strangely, we couldn’t just get along.  I miss JENNIFER’s food, so tasty and welcoming.  Her down to earth endowment was less convincing but that is only during comparison to what I see walking down the other street.

Trying to keep in touch to what is gone is a natural instinct to appeal loss. It is necessary you let go; really ought to let go..

Oh my dear FAVOUR, I have missed you, I still remember  your pretty face and gallant flair that seems to say “I am a premium version of a virtuous woman”. Yes your beauty is good and OK.  How I wish your fashion sense comply with your inward advantage just so you can compete with that of Marry. Yes by doing so, you’ll be cool, simple and complete especially if you manifest awesome ease in the kitchen like Jennifer. Behold AMINAT, the prospect bae, the competence of your locks are breath taken. Will my people ever welcome you?.  Your believes often contradicts the sacred tenants of my faith, what has this world turned into?, so easy to find love so hard to make it through.

The most often reason why many who are not suppose to be single today are, is because, they’ve not made peace with the one that left, the one that is absent. The battle therefore, is about doing away with images of yesterday, it has nothing to do with the one present. Its about negotiating our wishes and expectations and given ourself that sence that we’ve not compromised.

It’s better to agree on and learn to live a life that is pleasing than always trying to please others,  It’s exhausting.

Many of us are only witnesses of the love affairs of others by such we are so full of expectations and lofty dreams of what a man and woman should be.  Eventually when we start and things seems not to align to our lofty dreams and expectations,  we feel uncomfortable and sometimes willing to bears the impression that perhaps this was not meant to be.

Now, I can say what I have is real and true, it is just the case that it’s not the version I expected, it may never be, infact why should it be.

I have found common wisdom that insist to say accept, build and make better what you have than trying to change it to a taste that is insatiable. 

People rarely change, they only adapt to change, hence the need for us to be patient and encourage others in their desire to adapt.

Insisting that others should change while you remain the same is not very ideal and exemplary, people do well when you give them a sense of commitment and duty yet in a choice atmosphere. Relationship is about encouraging diverse views, negotiating interests and finding common grounds.

 Everything in life is absolutely possible, those things that are truly impossible are things you can live without.
                                                                                                                               —Damabel G.

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