AFRICA: The Land of My Fathers

Have you witnessed the iconic formation in the night sky? have you seen the archive remain of earth beauty? have you ever been stunned by nature’s savannah that is pure and unsullied?

Africa prides herself in such astonishing diverse horizon, fused by its prolific wildlife, serene landscapes and a miraculous treasury of nature’s history astound by abundant bank of earth wealth.  Africa is the remnant of Eden, no natural disaster dares their shores, their land resist them in the fiercest unseen battle and prevails at every come back. 


Africa: the land of dreams, the place of harmony and truth. From the blue Nile Fall of Ethiopia to the Shela Beach of Kenya down to the crystal-clear waters that beautifies the island of Zanzibar, African beauty is showcased. The gut of their landscape is spelt on the Table Mountain of South Africa and resolved on the battle field of the great migration of Tanzania. So much you’ll miss if you do not behold the cloudy Victoria water fall of Zimbabwe and Zambia while on your way to the Mountain Gorillas in Rwanda.

Whether you are cruising down the Egyptian Nile, wondering in the Sahara dunes of Morocco or exploring the great pyramid of Giza you will still be perplexed at earth beauty and surviving monument of ancient wonders.  The solidarity whisper of million resident flamingos in Lake Nakuru of Kenya sings the song of African unwritten story, sure to resurrect in your dreams as you lay your tenth in Obodo ranch of Calabar, Nigeria while digesting the delicious grilled meat from Djmaa el Fna ancient market of Morocco.


Hidden beneath their feet rest gold, diamond, purest crude and untapped wealth.  Africans live in palace of beautiful cities and pride themselves in their historic and modern monuments which whispers the kindness of a grand design inspired and built by the craft of their strong hands.  

Africa do not only showcase the remnants of ancient culture in museums but modestly practice them in the abundance of their trading.  The sun rises and set on their shores, the air across their landscape is freshly prepared by their breath taken and cooling savannah, further replenished at every dawn.

Africa takes pride in their women, the envy of future generations, the apple of many eyes. The strength of their zeal is not only pronounced earnestly in the steadfast song of their angelic curves but more so, the gifts of their intellect. Their skin is toned in a manner that resist the scorching revenge of summer sun.  The sight of an African woman exudes an aura devoid of blunder even their men stare with godly ardour.

An African man is a builder, he is faithful, strong and can quench a wildfire by the abundance of his breath; yes, his strength is so vast, evidently displayed in the way he works and loves.  An African child is civil, respectful and understands the unspoken whispers of his parent, he regards his kinsmen with honour and carries with him the birthmark of his family grace.


African marital rites showcase their humanity, there is a message in every act, so detailed as if it was designed by the supreme, who then can argue it wasn’t.  Focus is on the woman, which again reflects the unequivocal pride they hold for their women. African marital rites goes beyond traditional, it’s modern and modest with a message richly massaged to satisfy the intent of their values.

The “African Values” reflect a true testament of compassion love and truthfulness. They believe that sustained prominence can only be achieved through hard work, determination and equity. Africans are known for welcoming strangers, they are hospitable and no mischief resurrects in them even in the night.

Africans are proud of their heritage and tradition. Their crafts are inspired by deity and the talents of their hands blend it out of the hardest wood.

Come to Africa, come with a heart open to embrace nature, to discover what it’s like to live close to the sun and set a tent beneath the moon. Come and be replenished by nature’s beauty in their uniqueness, invest in Africa and reap the reward of earth’s wealth. Yes, Africa is due to host the gathering of all nations and be envied not only for her wealth but her light and salt.

Africa, the remnant of Eden, the reflection of paradise, The Land of my Fathers.


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