What people seeks for is not just love is true friendship and companionship. Any relationship that is intended to last should have personal and collective goal.
Sometimes we are so carried away by the ambitions of a relationship and we forget the romance of it all. We are waiting for the day when we will say “I DO”forgetting that is a vow that will be a burden if there was no friendship in the relationship prior to that moment.


We must realise that love is friendly and always ready to do the needed to make life interesting. How can I keep my relationship healthy?


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For some people good morning text ends after 2 months of dating.

A good morning text is a better way of starting your day, I mean a text message not watsapp or facebook message. Something that seems not to cost anything is less valued. A love note, card or a flower will do. Some people prefer a note that is written by you than what was typed on a card from the store.

Explore every and better options and don’t be lazy.
Before she/he agreed to date you there were things u did, you need to keep doing them.


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Every soul has a curious longing to be identified and appreciated. Appreciation revives and strengthens.
Some people give you the impression that being with you is them doing you a favour, this does not create a healthy environment for friendship to thrive. Say words like thanks for being there for me, I need you that is why I am with you, you mean the world to me and be honest about it.
Say sweet word in odd hours and as often as you wish, don’t wait for birthday, new month or anniversary. Be exotic with surprises and with a cheerful heart appreciate sincerely.


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Never fluctuate in your character, act to be trusted, don’t act suspicious. Don’t go to a brothel and say I went there to watch champions league or a movies, or in another man’s house in strange hour and you say we were doing school work together. Act rightly to get the right result.

Don’t be abusive and over controlling don’t use words like I hate you, I can’t wait to leave you, I regret knowing you, I don’t know why I am with you, you are a mistake, can’t you act like marry or john or anything similar to those lines…… not even when you are angry.

Relationships are built on words and actions in similar way it can be turned sour. Never compare your partner or relationship with another one. Every relationship is different and unique in it’s own way.


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Some of us are so serious that we barely notice that we are not alone. You both must learn to voice out your concerns and communicate it verbally. Don’t rely on silent gestures or assumptions, because we can’t see through the heart.
Taking a walk, cooking, singing, dancing, watching TV together is also part of communication.

Distance relationship is not advisable especially for starters, avoid it if you can but if it’s inevitable manage it effectively and visit each other as often as you can. Switch role once a while, doing same thing over and over again is boring.

Short vacation is an energizer, you return all strong and refreshed, take it together and alone sometimes. Love is not in the air, it is what people do together, and this is what create good and sweet memories. 


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There is a saying that no love is sincerer than the love for food . A good choice of food that conveys romantic gestures is preferable sometimes. Strawberry is a romantic alternative to apple so including that in a meal will be nice. Cook something different and odd, strange things are sometimes more romantic than familiar stuff.

Meal time is an excellent time to be close to each other and to communicate verbally your silent gestures.


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Charity indeed begins at home. Sometimes we are so carried away by lots of distraction, from work, school and even people you refer to as haters and we forget the things that matter to us.

Selfish conviction is not healthy for a relationship, it may take a subtle form like I will be there for you when we get married forgetting what we do today is the result we’ll see tomorrow.
Everyone has a need, emotional, psychological, social and financial need. Pay attention to each other’s needs and meet it. You may not have the capacity to meet all the need at a go but discuss it even. Make yourself relevant to each other, your relevance is your bond.

A good look is pleasant to the eyes and a nice smile gladdens the soul. Looking good is not about wearing expensive stuffs. Uniqueness, simplicity and modesty is often preferred by many.

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Put on some kind of style and be confident in it and  don’t be scared to be different. Let your look and scent portray your worth.



Healthy couples don’t avoid conflict, but they do know how to keep the lines of communication open. Be positive, always trust and be trustworthy, take your relationship personal and be of good cheer because the best is yet to come.


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