Attitude is vital for a better relationship with people. Observing simple ethics with manners is very key and appreciated by the majority.Personal hygiene enables you to live happily and comfortably with others and even yourself.

In this piece, I will simply list 10 kinds of people you wish to avoid but sometime it’s hard to avoid them because they even attach themselves more to you even when you want to love them from a distance.


spill food
Photo credit: dailymail.co.uk

Pardon my English. These are people that baptizes you with saliva while they are speaking with you. I observed that people like these talks too much and the frequency and quantity of saliva increases with time to worsen their predicament.

The more you shift away the more they come close to you so no way of escape. Please and please don’t eat with these kind of people because saliva and food remains is their lip gloss,  if they speak your plate will be filled again.

Please take note these people also spill saliva while sleeping, therefore either it is day or night, their salivating ministry is still the same.


talk and slap

I insist you talk with these kind of people where you can easily receive medical attention. Every sentence they speak out comes with a slap. They beat you uncontrollably while they are talking to you. Perhaps the reason for beating you is to get your concentration or to make you appreciate how important what they are saying is.The most annoying part is even when you are talking they will agree with you with a slap. So every conversation ends with a slap.

Ensuring a good distance between you both during conversation is encouraged and don’t die in silence. You can politely tell them verbally to stop beating you because sending the message of stop hitting me through body movement is a waste of time.

If I say beaters handcuff your hand I am not been polite but i recommend this in extreme cases.

Accept you have a behavioral flaw that you need to stop, putting your hands in your pockets, placing your hand between each other at your back or holding something breakable in your hand will certainly help.


This kind of people can’t wait for the bus to start moving  before dozing off but that is not why you would have loved to avoid them. While sleeping they will snore, fall and lean on you.

Photo Credit: theatlantic.com

I find it very annoying when a full grown man will be sleeping and leaning on me, the more you adjust or shake them off the more they return like a pendulum.

Someone will say, a light weight beautiful  girl sleeping and leaning on you as a guy is cool for a long journey but that is acceptable if you know yourselves personally or perhaps you are living in a flirt world .

Some of them can sleep pass their bus stop but the professionals knows when to stop and they will naturally wake up.

There are tips on how to stay awake which I will share later but till then I recommend this.

Photo credit: Rowan Atkinson.


These kind of people will not buy food for themselves they always want to taste what others bought. The most annoying ones are ready to taste your drink with same straw. Those who are very close friends or lovers may not find this bizarre but for a passing friend to do that it can be very annoying.

I feel respecting people’s privacy is important, if you are offered does not mean you should jump to it, saying thank you and enjoy your meal can boost your relationship with the person.

Some people can’t wait for you to finish inviting them before they will finish your food for you …ahhh brother take it easy remember their is God in everything we are doing.

I saw a man dragging sachet water from his friend who bought it, I even heard the friend saying calm down let me drink up to half then you can have it.

Please if you are kind, realise that people are just tolerating you and choosing this as a calling is not good for the ministry so I encourage you to say thank you most of the time and buy or prepare your own food.


Photo credit: womansday.com

There is a big difference between snorers and snorers. Some people may snore occasionally or at certain point into their sleep with faint sound or a bearable high sound.

Sleeping beside some people is like sleeping near a slumpy area where there are frogs crying for mating and worst still for some people their sound is like a landing aircraft. These people snores with volume control, speed, gear and harmonics, it sometimes appears as if they know what they are doing. I do not recommend you avoid this people because it is not there fault, rather love them and encourage them. For partners there are sexy attachable devices you can use now to reduce the sound, encouraging him or her to use a mask is helpful but not romantic..

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if you are a lover of music you can play music that will blend with his/her snoring sound or perhaps use ear cover to reduce the noise but also note that

“A scientific study shows that people who hear noise at night are at greater risk of hypertension, regardless of whether they are awake or asleep”.Click hear to see what doctors are saying..

As funny and interesting these may sound, I am sure while reading this someone must have crossed your mind perhaps you should share this post for your friends to see.

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I am not in a habit of identifying a problem without preferring a solution to it. Some people may say Damabel I am in one or more of these categories well that is what I live for to help, Browse my site for post on how to end bad public lifestyle or contact me by clicking here.

Thanks for reading Cheers..

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