Godfrey  Damabel is a UK trained computer scientist by profession, a researcher and  teacher by passion and a visionary leader.

I believe challenges and difficulties are curious and surest ways of testing and reshuffling priorities.

All his oratorical efforts were made for practical effect. He never spoke merely to be heard.—ABRAHAM LINCOLN, in his eulogy on Henry Clay


My name is  Godfrey D.  Damabel.

Damabel Godfrey is the Author of the Upcoming Best-seller books “THE FIRST LIGHT (the miracles, the mysteries and the wonders)” and “THE THIRD REALM OF KNOWLEDGE(The slave master’s minister)” and several articles:

  • Study Guide For Students (Damabel’s 12 study success tips).
  • Equality Tussle . Click here
  • The Spirit of Knowledge and it Works.Click here
  • lets Just Be Friends (The compromised alternative of the scary Yes and forbidden No). Click here
  • The Desired Woman(Her role and Her purpose). Click here
  • The Carpenter’s Urge etc.

Damabel holds firmly that knowledge should be acquired without bias and communicated to others with simplicity.

He believes that the best and highest spiritual gift is the ability to communicate God’s wisdom to self and others.

This platform is created mainly to educate, entertain and to empower.

……….Building Lives, Reshaping Destinies and Redeeming the Times……….

-Godfrey Damabel.

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