My Books


#THE FIRST LIGHT (The miracles, the mysteries and the wonders).

This book explores the written word of what is God?, who is God?, and why there is GOD?. It details the miracles of God through his spoken word, the mysteries of God as revealed to his saints and the wonders of God as it is inscribed in the archives of time. it’s purpose is to create in this generation the urge to walk in the light.


#3 REALMS OF KNOWLEDGE (The slave master’s minister)

“In life you may not see beyond the choices you are bound to make. Knowledge broaden your choice horizon giving you an advantage” –G.D Damabel

I believe knowledge is the candle of the soul, it causes us to acknowledge the truth, by understanding we function in its light and with wisdom we relate it to a bigger picture. This book explores knowledge in another dimension, it’s purpose is to set for us the cause we were born to follow.

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